About Us

Mohammd Awadhi corporation for drugs was established in 1986 as a whole medicine and supplies shop. The corporation started the import of drugs from Huons pharmaceutical company which is a leading Korean company. By the time, Awadhi corporation became a key player in the Yemeni medical market as it became an agent for a number of agencies from different nationalities. In addition, the corporation is still ,to the date, receiving offers from various foreign drug agencies to become their agent.

The policy of sales and marketing in the corporation is expressed in a methodology that starts by evaluating the feasibility of choosing the product in the market. It then evaluates the level of consumer satisfaction in terms of quality and price among other required characteristics. Based on such process, the decision is made for importing and marketing the company products.

The marketing process is accomplished by an experienced and skillful technical team led by a professional scientific office responsible of managing the marketing and sales policy in an organized strategy suitable to satisfy market requirements and to guarantee the required sales target.

The corporation is an agent for the following foreign agencies:
1-Huons Co Ltd Pharmaceutical company, Korea
2- Highnoon Laboratories Limited, Pakistan
3-DermoClean Laboratories, Turkey
4-Zade Vital Nutritional Supplements, Turkey
5-Lok-Beta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. India
6- Akriti Pharmaceuticals pvt. Ltd. India.
The human power of the corporation includes 23 medical representatives and 53 employees.